Has something like this ever happened to you?
- Your supplier did not deliver on the date promised in his quote and therefore, you had to delay your clients and colleagues who are waiting on you?

- Your production was stopped for several days because a critical part was not delivered on the scheduled date and the only thing your supplier could do is give you excuses that did not cut it for you?
- The part that was delivered doesn't meet your needs and the problem seems to be out of the control of your supplier. You will have to pay more or redo your tooling?

- The same problem comes up again and again and it seems like your supplier is incapable of offering a definitive solution to fix it?
     If yes, we can help you because we know that it costs your company time and money to deal with these kinds of problems. We realize that today's business world has become very complex and everything happens at a frantic pace. In this type of environment, a supplier who is known for being rapid and reliable becomes invaluable.
Reliable:  - Delivering a quality product that always meets your expectations right from the beginning.
                  - Respecting our delivery dates and product performance promises.

Rapid:  - Developing new products in time for you to meet your deadlines.
             - Doing the impossible to deal with last minute emergencies.
Our goal is to solve your problem, so you can trust that with us, your project is in good hands. We will strive to reduce your stress level so that you can spend less time dealing with crises and more time to managing your growth.

What are we looking for? Our clients' long term satisfaction so that we can form a true partnership.
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Do you want proof that our methods work and are appreciated? We were named 2001 and 2003 Supplier of the Year by AMETVS, an organization comprised of major OEM like Prevost Car, Bombardier, Komatsu and 185 suppliers.

Check out this pdf file (french only) (Acrobat Reader) for more information.

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That way, we can best determine how to help you.