Product Development
This is a critical step and our greatest strength! This is where our values: reliability and rapidness come into play.

You have a product idea? Plastique Art can operate based on your sketches or CAD drawings. We can even modify an existing part. We will adapt to you! From the moment we take over you will receive our valuable design advice in order to create an optimal product that will meet every one of your needs.
          If you need more help, we offer a complete industrial design service with 3D scale modelling to help you with your choice.
If you have thermoforming experience and you already have a 2D or 3D drawing, it's even simpler! We will meet with you to make sure we accurately understand your needs and make recommendations, if necessary, for improvements, to save money or to make the product more functional.
One to three weeks later, you will have your prototype in hand, made from a wooden mold. Ready for your next trade show!

For a multitude of reasons, there are often changes that must be made to a product after the prototype stage. Whether the nature of the change is major or minor there is no need to hesitate. You will be rewarded with a product that meets your every need.

Within three to four weeks all tooling and CNC programming will be completed. The first product off the assembly line will be ready for your approval.
After the approval process the first products will be available within one to two weeks.

Within 6-9 weeks we can turn conception into a finished product; that's rapidness! We respect the delivery dates set at the beginning of the project, that's reliability!

Contact us and experience for yourself!

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